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Coronavirus (COVID-19) | Current Status METRANS service - UPDATE


Coronavirus (COVID-19) | Current Status METRANS service - UPDATE .


Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, valued Customer, dear friends of METRANS!

It has been already a month that we have sent our last personal letter, based on the escalated situation, which was caused by the COVID-19.
It was 18th March. Now, we are approaching you again, a month later. Although it has the Newsletter head, it’s not the regular one, informing you about the regular things. We would like to let you know how our days are, how we are fighting against the Corona virus and basically, we would like to let you know that the METRANS Team is OK and METRANS is doing the daily business as usual. Even under these changed circumstances, all across Europe, where METRANS is at home, government regulations and restrictions have begun.
The letter in March has been prepared in the time when the entire situation started and the life has started to change in Europe. Today, where we, everybody, have tested the professional and also personal challenges, somehow, we became isolated in the social distance, discussing topics from our home offices, or via phone, or through several video conferencing systems. As said, we became used to it.
As mentioned above, the METRANS activities are not limited by the borders of the countries. METRANS is active all across Europe, which means we have more quarantine and restrictions to bear in mind when we are thinking about performing our service. Of course, METRANS is not the only company in the transport segment which one is having these problems on a daily basis.
And here come the questions. How do we do it? Did we manage it?
And this is something that we are leaving to you and hope that you, your teams, your customers will have the possibility to say, YES.
All of us, who are active in the transportation, have known that the first quarter of the year is influenced by the Chinese New Year and that this celebration is affecting the flows of containers. Unfortunately, none of us knew that COVID-19 will prolong the time and we will feel these effects for such a long time and so intensively. Not only in Europe, but throughout the whole world.The visible impact of less containers, the imbalance between export and import. The shutdown of factories, warehouses, shops is having the impact on the sea, on the rail, road and is having impact on all of us, affecting every single person. 
With our information, with this type of information, which is widely delivered to you, our customers, we would like to allow you to look behind the scenes clearly and openly. Also because every day we all are receiving a mass of social media campaigns in the virtual world and there is a lot of information coming in through channels, mailing lists, etc.
We are choosing this direct way.
Although the volumes will be affected by further waves, some news are speaking about volumes which will drop by several percent also in the second quarter of this year. The lower volumes are one of the factors, on the other hand there has to be counted with further imbalances in the cargo flows. The flows are affected by the closed production in Far East, which are now already producing, but currently Europe is in the slow down phase.
These imbalances and the lower volumes are also in the hinterland, causing troubles in the life of an operator. Troubles generating costs, running of trains with less utilization. But this is not the thing we would like to speak about; the cost impact is hitting the transportation segment very hardly. All of us.
The message we would like to deliver today is another one. METRANS is open also for this challenge. Our commitment is that all the cargo which needs to be transported will be transported and will be transported on time. All our capacities are ready for the received orders. Also, in these times all the terminals are under full operations. The production planning of our rail services works at “full power” to be able to react on the actual development of your demands.We do understand that we will have the imbalances between import and export and thus higher and unexpected costs, but we do understand that the cargo has to be delivered and that this is our main goal - to deliver. To deliver without you experiencing any difficulties or delays, without affecting the quality and our reliability which you and your customers became used to it in the last 29 years of our business.
As we have already mentioned, we have chosen to have this direct way. To inform you, that within the last weeks we have learned new things, together with you. The entire METRANS Team is sending greetings and best regards to you, your colleagues and looking forward to fight against these challenging times.
At the end of this letter, similarly like by the first one, please find again one positive picture.
And since today is Friday, please enjoy the weekend and we look forward to further negotiations,

stay healthy, see you soon, best regards

Full text for download as PDF here


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