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Newsletter No. 1/2008


Newsletter No. 1/2008 Reservations on import trains Dear customers,

In attachment we would like to present you a newsletter from the German railways about successfully closed dealings with loc-driver's federation and therewith about final warding risk of strike actions off.
But, after short time of decreased volumes of import shipments in the end of the last year we are forced to announce that import volumes are rising significantly again and that in both ports Hamburg and Bremerhaven. With respect to expected further important boom of demands for imports to the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary we were driven again to restore well-proven regulation of place reservations on import trains. We already highlighted several times the fact that import volumes are rising but the capacity for their clearing in port and dispatching to inland remains practically the same. All available slots in ports are busy, there cannot be counted then with increasing of number of block trains. Our capacities are known to you, there stay at our disposal 35 import trains from Hamburg and 7 from Bremerhaven a week. Concerning the fact that containers are being dispatched with trains from particular port terminals directly where the number of weekly departures is different terminal to terminal, the time for dispatching of your shipments may also differ. Arrivals of high-capacity vessels are also of important influence on variation in dispatching containers as they discharge in port even thousands TEUs at once and it's simply not possible to clear and dispatch such a volume at once. The railways don't dispose with any reserves in number of railcars, locomotives and their crew what they could offer to operators as exceptional capacities for managing increasing volumes.
As always we will try our best and use all possibilities for maximally quick taking and dispatching of containers from both ports, but we have to point your attention to increasing times of forced waiting of shipments before dispatching, proportionally to increasing number of import containers. We also have to point out that our company cannot take any responsibility for extra costs occurring as a result of longer stay at terminal by particular shipment when they're not ordered in time.
We appeal to you to send your transport orders to respective offices only (Prague, for Hungary Dunajska Streda), in time and including full and correct information. Therewith you can prevent needless cancellations of your reservations and extending of stay of container in port.
Dear customers, we would like to thank you for your understanding and kind 
METRANS Praha a.s.

HHLA Group Member
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