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Newsletter No. 24/2007


Recent status of transports with METRANS block trains between the Czech Republic and north-German ports Dear customers,

We would like to inform you about recent status of transports with METRANS block trains between the Czech Republic and north-German ports. Railion endeavours to restore the functioning of railway system since Saturday morning, but the impacts of strike last week are being covered just step by step. Some of our stopped container trains reached already its final destination, others are still on the way to or from the port. There remains still some number of trains stopped on the way between Prague and Hamburg/Bremerhaven, where's needed to get an exceptional scheduling and dispatching from German partners. With respect to overloading of the DB net and limited capacity of technical equipment, getting stopped trains moving goes in limited way only and we cannot guarantee when each particular connection will be taken and delivered to the port.
We ask kindly for understanding that there stayed in the port a huge amount of containers due to the lock-out of all freight trains in Germany, where we were forced by circumstances to move the departure date from port. Owing to irregularities in export connections also capacities in backward direction for import shipments get subsequently limited. Our company tries to secure also some additional capacities what would help to cut the amount of undispatched container shipments in ports.
Nevertheless, according to latest news the strike of railway labour union in Germany will be repeated, and that in freight transports since tomorrow 14.11. 12.00 till Saturday 17.11. 2:00. The operation will be hit again with substantial disturbance and restrictions of railway transport inclusive container trains, delays and stopping of trains. We will keep you informed about further development of the situation.
METRANS Praha a.s.
The Board of Directors

HHLA Group Member
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