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Newsletter No. 25/2007


Newsletter No. 25/2007 Finished strike at German railways Dear customers,

In connection to finished strike at German railways we would like to present you a recent operational situation. Restoring of full operational regime runs continuously and successfully, even though there still remains a slippage of about two days in dispatching of planned trains at terminals in Hamburg port. This means that departure dates announced from our side are in reality shifted by these two days behind the plan. Departures from port of Bremerhaven got balanced already again and we face no important problems in dispatching there. According to latest statement of representatives of labour union and railways further dealings will be kept this week and there's no danger of resuming strike actions till December 3. On the other hand we have to point your attention that there run large construction works in area of railway junction Dresden where night lock-outs of freight transportation are introduced. This restriction influences naturally increase of transit times of some our shuttle connections what are traced through this area during night hours. These works should finish on December 9.In attachment below we would like to present you an announcement of EUROGATE Hamburg about planned outage of computer system and following fallout in dispatching of railway cargo in this date. We ask you kindly for understanding that the time plan of arrivals and departures of our trains to this terminal and back will be disturbed. We will keep you informed about details of this measure and possible following complications. We would like to thank you all for your kind understanding and we wish you a successful finish of running transports and demands of this year.
METRANS Praha a.s.
Attachment / Anlage / Priloha:
-----Urspruengliche Nachricht-----
Von: Brockmann, Jana
Gesendet: Montag, 19. November 2007 13:43
Betreff: Einfuehrung neue Software bei CTH/Eurokombi
Sehr geehrte Damen und Herren,
wie bereits angekuendigt wird beim Eurogate Containerterminal Hamburg und 
Eurokombi Terminal eine neue Software eingefuehrt. Die Planung sieht vor, 
dass am 08.12.2007 ab 18.00 Uhr bis zum 09.12.2007 18.00 Uhr keine EDV zur 
Verfuegung steht, wir koennen keine Zugabfertigung durchfuehren. In der 49. 
Woche geben wir bekannt, ob es bei der vorgesehenen Abschaltung bleibt. 
Bitte planen Sie fuer Ihre in dieser Zeit vorgesehenen Verkehre andere 
Zeiten ein. Organisatorische Absprachen werden wir Anfang der 49. Woche 
Mit freundlichen Gruessen
ppa. Claus Kloeckner
Koehlfleetdamm 5
D-21129 Hamburg

HHLA Group Member
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