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Railway accident in region Duisburg


Railway accident in region Duisburg Dear customers and partners, We have to inform you that there happened an accident at railway station Rheinhausen (region Duisburg) in the beginning of this week and this accident and fixing of damages has important impact on railway services in that region, inclusive effect on regular METRANS service between Duisburg and Prague.

Trains from Prague to Duisburg planned Monday November 12th and from Duisburg to Prague planned Tuesday November 13th hasn’t been processed yet,
trains from Prague to Duisburg planned Wednesday November 14th and from Duisburg to Prague planned Thursday November 15th are cancelled.
Predictions estimate that return of railway operation to normal schedules in named region may take about 3-4 days, we suppose that operation of METRANS trains after regular schedules should be restored by the end of this week.
Details to your shipments you can reach from our customer service department.

We would like to apologize for caused complications brought by an accident of another railway operator.
With best regards
METRANS, a.s., Praha

HHLA Group Member
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